Waffled Footprints

Waffled Footprints 

I follow waffled footprints into
nostalgia of sled-filled snow-days
when time was kept by the progress
of our snowman or the freezing
of our toes and the cooling
of stove-top hot chocolate.

In NDG, the streets aren’t cleared
and it makes me homesick, enjoying
the frustration of trekking down Hingston
to get to Sherbrooke’s 105 bus stop.

I follow waffled footprints from my boyfriend’s
boots that take me back to our downtown apartment
where the streets are always cleared and Lorelai says
she can smell the snow’s arrival.
After a marathon of Netflix binge watching,
she’s right!

Now I’m an adult and the snow looks different from
my downtown window : the blanketed 720 West
looks like a bridge going nowhere.

As a graduate of the honors English and Creative Writing Bachelors at Concordia, Maria Raskin continues to create pieces that grapple with place and identity that have carried over into her Master’s studies at McGill University in Teaching and Learning. Maria is working on accumulating a repertoire of poetry as well as having begun work on her first novel. She is currently developing a blog, Out From the Title, which will be published online in the new year.

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