Tiaras Between Us


Tiaras Between Us

If only I could spit on branches
the way bird moms do to make nests
you never hear about bird dads

I would spit on branches
to make a tiara
that way I’d be some kind of
creature of the woods

a spirit who belonged in nature
how far I would have to travel
just to see you

you in the city
you who uses Facebook
who has more friends than me

I would hide my tiara
it wouldn’t fit where you live
in the city

with glass windows
I would hide my tiara
maybe bury it under soil

next to a gas station
in between me and you
in between us

where bird moms wouldn’t find it
and think it was for her to take
to use on her babies
when I need that tiara more

or I would have to give myself a new name
this again
I don’t think I could take that again

maybe it is too risky
all of this
visiting you
all the way over there
passed the gas station

maybe its best you come to see me
and I could spit on some branches
make you a crown
then nothing will be between us.

Jessica Schouela is originally from Montreal, Canada. She is currently pursuing an MA in History of Art at UCL. She hopes to somehow integrate her love for literature and contemporary art, perhaps by way of focusing on storytelling and/or ceramics. She has been published in Metatron, Electric Cereal and Squawk Back amongst others. Jessica also writes a blog called Cabbage Moths Lay Their Eggs on my Kale (http://cabbagemoths.blogspot.co.uk)

Photo taken by Jessica Schouela.

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