A Thing

A Thing

I smear glow-stick juice all over my face,
sprinkle my arms with faerie dust,
and deem myself ready for our date.
Why do I need to try now? You used to love me so easily.
I like trying
I hate trying
It scares me
Makes me feel like I’m failing—
Reaching for something, that doesn’t want to be caught.
But there was that time I painted my face violet
and fingered red ink into satanic dots and triangles on my forehead—
and when I walked into your cafe
your polite waitress eyes widened
and the hobo shrieked out of you in bulging-eyed gasp of a grin.
As we danced out of there,
and I
were a thing.

Sara Gervais is a Montreal cafe dweller, soon-to-be kindergarten teacher, dumpster diver, bartender-in-training, McGill and treeplanting veteran, Mount Royal runner, bookstore loiterer, hat thief.

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