Excepted From CHAPTER 4: Return & Silence & Rain. Selected from Hallucinating In A Lava Pantheon (A Work In Progress)

Excepted From CHAPTER 4: Return & Silence & Rain.
Selected from Hallucinating In A Lava Pantheon (A Work In Progress)


On this, the occasion for joy, your voice annihilated
in Buffalo without us, caught
in hot wires intersecting February, our roof breaks open, flies away.
Was there ever anything but this precisely desperate blue?
Were we ever acutely joined at hips of understanding?
One last cirrus streak dissipates, turns gothic auburn, then floats to the west.

You stand under the month’s schizophrenia
freezes, then melts, still
you are unable to reject pain or
revel in it, preferring machinations.

I was walking out of your Zeiss icon lens,
how you polarized us then,
making you responsible for your socks.
I said: I will lie on this requiem-drenched lawn once, drinking
the stinging torrent of your anger.
I will open my mouth and yes those raindrops will kill me.
Then I will rise up and catalogue each bullet in a file of fire.
Were our flaws so incompatible?
Or were we just the tragi-comedic result of
one man and one woman in a room?

Small black clouds ascend.
Winter has never seemed so generous.


Sandra Bell’s poetry has appeared in Canadian publications and is published in New Voices, A Celebration of Canadian Poetry by Mosaic Press. Sandra was awarded the Best Canadian New Voice Award by Poetry Canada Review. Her debut collection, Hallucinating in The Lava Pantheon, is forthcoming. A multi-media artist, her disciplines also include oil painting, photography, and singer/songwriting. Sandra’s debut solo CD, Break of Day, produced by Juno Award Winner Andrew Collins, is due for release in the Fall of 2015. An earlier collection of her original songs are on the self-titled, independently released CD The Wanted. Sandra Bell’s paintings are available for purchase through Waddingtons Auction House (under the pen name Alex (Alexi) Bell). Sandra has been employed in the arts for over two decades and currently manages Arraymusic, an organization dedicated to contemporary classical and experimental music, in Toronto, Canada, where she resides.

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