Month: January 2015


Photo taken by Paddy Barry in Newfoundland, Canada. Iceberg A water-sculpted iceberg broke off the edge of Antarctica. It floated towards where I lived a perfect white sugar cloud, suspended in ocean sky, lying, as icebergs do, about it’s true frozen self. It was dangerous, deadly and cold, unpredictable though it seemed as solid as […]

The Men See Her

The Men See Her There’s a stranger in my mother’s clothes. In her bed Voice. Face and toes. But praise be given where praise is owed Appearance, voice and mannerisms; Mirrors that which only God bestowed. Sometimes I hit myself Scold. Admonish. Reproach. For allowing myself to forget That you’re just a stranger, A stranger […]

At the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp

  At the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp The hanged man is badly drawn, limbs and torso unmatched, drafts at different times the different times , but what is inexpressible is the artist’s memory of the broken river ice wheel rutted tumbril under its Dutch tree the burgher and peasant alike plagued by slush and […]

Little has the road

Little has the road Little has the road to go down darkness shade to morning time Played with by street lights light embrace Allowing sight of graffiti face As feet of few mark seconds down to dawn Shouts of the lost Time not left to stay in the moving world But set aside to watch […]

Copper Mosquitoes

Copper Mosquitoes The smell of burning leaves was the only thing that could mask the old grease smell that permeated the landscape: the men, the women, even the grass smelled like road-side hamburgers. So every few years he’d order his followers to burn it to the ground and Pan looked on, his favourite flute, silent. […]

The bachelor at dawn

The bachelor at dawn Nothing gold can stay But beauty does not just fade away It comes back with every planted seed New places New people New things Is this fair Falling in love again and again; the golden splendours, the bitter ends To ignore past memories; to keep moving forward; there is time Everything […]


Stones The obligatory night out. The drink for lubrication and Social inebriation. But you say “My man is calling and everything is not okay” So, with a turn of your heel, A taxi banks the kerb. You are away. —– Goddammit! We’re getting old Your face is showing it in photos. Not all of them, […]

The Motor

The Motor We need to make the ferry before sundown, the boy and I, so I drive faster than I should. I take silly risks and the motor ends up on its side in the ditch. The boy’s fine though. I check him over, shielded from traffic. A little bruised, but fine. I tell him […]

AEngus in Old Age

AEngus in Old Age Last night I dreamt I flew. I stood on the evening hillside. The lingering scent of soft human flesh Startled me awake. Last night I dreamt I flew. You were at my side all the time As we watched the planets rise and fall To the metronome of our hearts. Last […]


Voices Slow down, she said from somewhere small inside her Somewhere shaped like a star, or a crescent moon, let’s stroll. But a stroll is like soup and it is biting dog cold, I roared from the heart chasm near my larynx. Yes, but not any soup. Like chicken broth, her small voice agreed. The […]