The bachelor at dawn

The bachelor at dawn

Nothing gold can stay
But beauty does not just fade away
It comes back with every planted seed
New places
New people
New things

Is this fair
Falling in love again and again; the golden splendours, the bitter ends
To ignore past memories; to keep moving forward; there is time
Everything will be better in the morning, and the next morning, and the next
But in this day is there time to start a fresh
To grasping back the glimmer
Will desperation set

Should we begin again
Would the gold fade
Too much new made
Or are you faking that golden hue
You want to be happy and this is what you are told to do
Will it bring disappointment – but of course not, how silly
it is fresh and new

This is Bob Keogh’s first literary publication, but hopefully we will see more of him as he has 15 years of literary pieces hidden in notebooks. Let his first step into the literary community be a good one!


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