Little has the road

Little has the road

Little has the road to go down darkness shade to morning time
Played with by street lights light embrace
Allowing sight of graffiti face
As feet of few mark seconds down to dawn
Shouts of the lost
Time not left to stay in the moving world
But set aside to watch unmoved
At swirling dress and sweated shirt
Shoes unsteady against the smashed glass
And wrappers carpet
Listen to songs
And songs repeat
Symphony in the air with cries and threats
Sympathy with tear filled door step stoppers
Rivers of orange cut through the air
Rivers of yellow pass by the ground
Dawn twitches for moments turns head away
Snooze button for some minutes more
This still going human dance floor

Darren Sempie lives and works in Glasgow.  He studied English at the University of Stirling.  He has performed stand up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and had poetry published in various publications and websites.


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