The Whale And The Rabbit

The Whale And The Rabbit

A kingdom has its walls, a city has its interiors, a body has its organs, but there is always a door, and behind the door? Another door, like everyone else.

In the black sea there was a whale, in the pit there was a rabbit. The whale had swallowed the rabbit, now it was time to ingest the rabbit but the whale could not. It threw the rabbit back in anger, the rabbit turned and said ‘there is venom in me, don’t be fooled by my appearance, you knew innately that to eat me you would die, I came close to the sea to burn my skin, you devoured me for a carnal purpose but you became sick with my body inside you’ the whale collapsed to its side writhing in pain. The rabbit continued, ‘once I had two moist eyes that were for living, they saw the light of day crinkling into the rose of night, but I was trapped, they tied my limbs and put me in a dark room. They took one eye out and replaced it with a jewel. Now I fixate at all flames leaping, at all waves dancing, an eye that blinks and another that cannot. I came to this shore to burn, little did I know another would devour me and here I am, all landscapes point to my small frame, when I was within you I erupted in your pit, I was a volcano erupting blood, you cannot drink from my stream let alone feast on my flesh.’
The whale begun to spit black blood and it thundered in the deep blanket of the ocean. This lasted an hour before the whale collapsed to its side in devastation.

Stephanie Burt is an artist who’s work spans across installation art to prose fiction. She completed her MFA from Glasgow School of Art in 2014.

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