Beginnings – 01/01/2015

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Beginnings – 01/01/2015

I begin. Pen to paper though
I’m not sure what to write.

I’ve spent many an hour thinking about the “artistic process”.

And yet I wonder if I have one.

There’s usually an idea.
Something that has affected some effect,
But other times I’ve resorted to just scribbling a mess.

But it comes –
The words always make their way above.
And they’re always words,
Noted down on a page.

Even if,
They become movements instead.

I don’t mind
Which way around it is.
Although I’ll insist on the order of performance.

Each breath and sign and gesture and symbol has it’s own place.

On the page.
Upon the stage.

And so desist please –
Let me orchestrate this moment.

Both choreographer,

In a heartbeat,
I’ll begin.
Gemma Connell is a Multi-disciplinary Artist/Curator, Creative Producer and Cultural Strategist, working across the UK. She graduated from The University of Warwick with a BA in English Literature, and launched herself into a career in the performing arts. From 2010-2014, Gemma lead experimental Dance and Spoken Word ensemble, Broken Rose, to great acclaim, working with Breakin’ Convention and touring across the UK. Broken Rose’s first show, spoken word and dance open stage event Flow! debuted at Contact Theatre in Manchester in October 2011. Since then, Broken Rose has toured to the 24:7 Theatre Festival, produced a short play, Bitten, whilst Broken Rose’s first children’s show, Spooked, debuted with a 6 show run in London in August 2013.

Gemma has produced projects for the Manchester International Festival, Manchester Literature Festival, Cheshire Dance, Pavilion Dance South West and the 24:7 Theatre Festival, as well as Stage Managing for Festival 2012’s Piccadilly Circus Circus and various shows by Avant Garde Dance.


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