Month: April 2015

are you beach body ready and How Would I Name These Shapes In Letters?

Image taken from: are you beach body ready can you reach Bonnie Tyler are you rich buddies really let her eat Wendy burgers artist bitch bodice wedding protein rich, Gordon Ramsey drive the ditch buggy steady awful bleach bawdy lady see the meat bunny prairie Afterbirth Botticelli ask Lou Reed sobbing loudly Afrobeat’s oddly rare […]

Hesperus Ou experience de pensée #7

Photo by Jessica Schouela   Hesperus Ou experience de pensée #7 Hesperus, you shine The land waists, waists Hesperus, but you shine Surrounded by water. The sea comes close Enough to dry my feet Wasted Longing whirlpools, dunes, puddles of ash Yet Hesperus you were behind The sky Mirrors the water yet Hesperus you stay […]


Daffodils In grey, This couple with hair like torn wool. Their overcoats scratching at the world, Holding their bones, With frayed wrists, The erosion, we imagine, over years, But the connection that flits between Welded fingers, Hard hearts, Has acid run off like nothing. Like wool pulled from fences, Rough fibres Have matted. A gum-pink […]

That was fun, we should do it again sometime

  That was fun, we should do it again sometime We pass the spitting stone The Heart of Midlothian And I should know all about it But don’t, so you tell me a story of you age four, stood, stuck and crying in spit. Honest story for a second date, or just enough to feel […]

the sadness factory

the sadness factory we don’t sell tampons. we probably never will. by the time they need them, we will have been replaced. it feels an awful lot later than it is. it always does. doesn’t it? we have a management team. they manage our social media managers. who manage our social media executives. who pretend […]

Bank Holiday

Image taken from:   Bank Holiday A wasp in a suction pipe you hear it buzzing. Not that it’s close yet, there are fifteen minutes to go but already you feel the humming of tunnel walls, the heaving of tracks, the guillotine slash of metal on sliders. You rock on the soles of your feet. […]

St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day  the rain was licking the pane in the afternoon a green castle Grassmarket like a celtic carnival thousands of shamrock-shaped hats a crowded old bridge & people shouting underneath claws of mist on the cobblestones wandering flags fickle as the weather my heart is in the wynds in the veins of […]


  Autogenes I expand and contract, like a fist or the tide, or a breathing mushroom in a fairie circle, enchanted by the sounds of frogs and owls and cicada in the breaches. Lost things, forgotten things, things behind strange doors, under glass, under foot, behind the smiles of naughty vicars, between their lips and […]