St Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day

the rain was licking the pane in the afternoon
a green castle
Grassmarket like a celtic carnival
thousands of shamrock-shaped hats
a crowded old bridge & people shouting underneath
claws of mist on the cobblestones
wandering flags fickle as the weather
my heart is in the wynds
in the veins of the Royal Mile

we sing & play the pool & with instruments of torture & dance & get kicked out
underground stairs with tricky steps
four-dimensional beers
roaring lament of the fiddle
shades of ancient dreams
& scattered glasses
threshold of your lips –
look at us, drunken beasts or late-blooming children
running walking staggering
in the festive night
like two green sailors

March 2015


Marine Houtmann is from Strasbourg, France, currently living in Edinburgh. She studies Literature and History and is most influenced by the French Symbolists, the Beat poets. She hoped to become a lecturer in English and American literature and to perform poetry, similarly to Patti Smith.

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