Hesperus Ou experience de pensée #7

Photo by Jessica Schouela


Ou experience de pensée #7

Hesperus, you shine
The land waists, waists
Hesperus, but you shine
Surrounded by water.
The sea comes close
Enough to dry my feet
Longing whirlpools, dunes, puddles of ash
Yet Hesperus you were behind
The sky
Mirrors the water yet
Hesperus you stay behind
The land still wasted, wasted.
I may not hear the sparkles Hesperus I swear
I swear I see the lights
Water full of light,
In the horizon of the window
In the edges of the room
Then the clouds. I thought
I thought I was in love with Hesperus
Now I see the land,
The sand.

Gregorio Paz Iriarte is originally from Bogota, Colombia and currently studies English Literature and Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Other than writing poetry in his spare time, he runs a French theatre society and directs plays, most recently, “Le mariage de Figaro”. In addition, he is an avid fire juggler and performs at the Beltane Fire Festival.

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