are you beach body ready and How Would I Name These Shapes In Letters?


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are you beach body ready

can you reach Bonnie Tyler
are you rich buddies really
let her eat Wendy burgers
artist bitch bodice wedding
protein rich, Gordon Ramsey
drive the ditch buggy steady
awful bleach bawdy lady
see the meat bunny prairie
Afterbirth Botticelli
ask Lou Reed sobbing loudly
Afrobeat’s oddly rare now
are you Burt/ Ernie mainly
how is Nietzsche modern theory
throw up each Bloody Mary
ah the peach party ended



How Would I Name These Shapes In Letters?

‘95% of English-speaking adults matched ‘bouba’ with a round, amoeboid shape and ‘kiki’ with an angular figure.’ Developmental Science 9:3 (2006)


Kiki stranger,

Since you left home some weeks ago, with your suitcase for the bus, I have been finding your claws everywhere. I find your rose stems in the carpet. Your icicles in the toaster. Your scissors in the biscuit tin. I find your arrowheads in the coffee machine. I find your fish hooks in the driveway. Your sea urchins beneath the duvet.

Coarse acupuncture for me,



Bouba home,

I’m on the road yet I see you in each strange city. I sink into the seats of stinking vehicles. They give me extra pillows at the hostels. I was served dim sum when I ordered skewers. I saw a stream of bubbles floating from the service station. Today a parachute silk hit the intersection and triggered a wave of airbags.

Soft dreams of suffocation,


Francine Elena’s chapbook Christmas Lantern is published by 3:AM Press and her unpublished pamphlet Fluoro was shortlisted for the Pighog Poetry School Prize. Her poems have appeared  in The Best British Poetry 2013 (Salt), Poetry London, Ambit, Clinic3:AM Magazine and The Quietus among others. She grew up in England, Scotland and Portugal and received an MA in Classics from the University of Edinburgh in 2008.




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