Month: May 2015

2 Poems: Affirmation and West

AFFIRMATION In the scream of gulls engaged above as I pick my way back through bracken and rocks mossed a luminous green. In the business between the rocks and water flaring up and sloshing as I pace back from the sea. In the smell of fat and batter from the fish’n’chip shop corner of a […]

Do Ho Suh is Not Home

Do Ho Suh is not home. The corridor of an old apartment in New York, resurrected in a gallery across the Atlantic, has become a ghost architecture. What was a panel of oak, a beveled line of plaster molding, a metal drainage pipe, has reduced in material to yards of translucent chiffon organza blend; walls […]

Two poems and Space Yam or Mandeltweak

  We Are All Not Whenever rough shadowed through crowds, percentagewise, most will notice grief and blame to be nonrivalrous. Unproblematic, as commons sometimes are. Some of the loved ones speed towards meddling, to remedy, to guarantee certain outcomes as much as one may. Findings are also not zero-sum, at least not so early on, […]

3 Poems: Photo, Junk Mail, and Refresh

Photo We are a part of the landscape, but do not own it. In me are fillable spaces, small secret worlds, a wish to lay claim. The camera above my head like a tiny sun, snapping my chin by the old wharf, the sea’s passionate surface. On holiday our bodies slow down, we drift from […]

PIROUETTE and an Extract from The Performance Archive

Liam Dunn, PIROUETTE.   [Transcribed] Extract from The Performance Archive: “Extract from THE FUCKISTS MANIFESTO, Volume N/A. become good / become succinct / become brief / become summarised / become simplified / be brief / be reduced, be fragmented, be held or be let go or im held or im let go or im reduced […]