PIROUETTE and an Extract from The Performance Archive




[Transcribed] Extract from The Performance Archive:

“Extract from THE FUCKISTS MANIFESTO, Volume N/A.

become good / become succinct / become brief / become summarised / become simplified / be brief / be reduced, be fragmented, be held or be let go or im held or im let go or im reduced and all the better –

im forgetting now – yellow paper basket, manikin, iridescent sheen off surface / coating coated / by my golden rag of just torn shirt arm that holds and turns and twists into the smooth and black and blue and back again, so ferment my by my off towards and back and blueblackgrey and a piercing or a puncture / silent tumbling rolling out of place and me + THAT’S EMPATHY THAT’S ALL FOLKS / SLIDING INTO PLACE A PIECE OF POLISHED GLASS OR PLASTIC / HELD ONTO POLISHED STEEL OR SURFACE + all there is and all there is to it the imagination of another self of another and another / outwith and without and with and / interpretation the imagination of an alternative existence of some thing other, an imagined external subjective experience an imagined external an – other and internal – picking up the half glass half turned shimmering rim between adapting fingers the pressure weight at elbow joint and + RUNNING TENDON CLICK + the carpet fibres pull away as the pressure of my heel sinks into through and down into and through then up and past once release knee joint unbends into another place and position and forward and ”

Liam Dunn’s art is multi-disciplined, embracing both visual and conceptual techniques [including murals, drawing, sculpture, performance, sound and conceptual projects]. He is interested in the relationship between an action and the perception of its residue/remnants/documentation. Expressionism is important to him as a way of trying to understand the social and communicative paradox of art: caught between an ever enticing empathy and ever elusive self. https://liamdunn.wordpress.com/

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