Month: June 2015

Montreal Comic

          James Abell just returned to Scotland from Montreal, Canada. He is an artist and designer. He works with new ‘maker’ technology and also traditional tools and combining these two together. He views traditional drawing as the ‘source’ of ideas. He likes sequential stories in the form of comics, wall hanging art and […]

Plenty of Tinderfish

Matthew Gordon Wells’s (Elgin, Morayshire) work is a continued experiment with representational art, wherein the process is often as important as the finished object. A continued study of art history has enabled him to continue working in the reactionary pursuit of narrative painting and illustration; wherein what is being said is of equal importance to […]

No Good

  No Good He is ill and he goes out. He is ill and he goes dancing. Stepping twists his legs, he drinks his mind from beer bottles but it’s no good. Hot wine on his friend’s breath, she sighs out drunken worries. Emotion haunts the air, it plays with her words but he hears […]

The Recording and I Got You These Flowers

    The Recording You told me that you wished you had recorded yourself sleeping while you were still together. You thought that maybe if you had sent the mp3 file to Toronto she would have listened, and then maybe she wouldn’t have gotten cold and she wouldn’t have sent you that email explaining that […]