Month: July 2015

Snow is like Sugar

Snow is like Sugar It snowed 12 inches overnight and my boots were waiting by the front door. The bus was leaving in 17 minutes and I was clasping my arms around your neck, unwilling to let go. “You’re going to miss your bus, darling,” you encourage. “You pulled the covers off me last night, […]


Image source:   Reading Last week I stood in a bookshop on Rose Street with Vintage Classic editions of F. Scott Fitzgerald in my hands. Will reading these books help me understand? You forever compared me to these dizzying girls. I was your Daisy Buchanan, your careless darling, your lovely vacant fanciful frivolous whimsical girl […]

Cardboard Canada

Cardboard Canada Holding conversations Under the star filled sky Toronto shines in lit up Attire alluring washed down With twelve year old malt Staring over cold clear lake Hillside battles forgotten With a cardboard entity Velocity turning pasture Court city veranda gold       Craig Spence for years played in bands as hobby. Over […]

Wally Bar

    An audio-visual project looking to document the experiences connected to a large derelict building within McGills woods in Pollok, referred to as the Wally Bar that is due for demolition. Murray McGrinder is a composer based in Glasgow and works at SWAMP creative media centre as an arts/media tutor. Interested in audio storytelling […]


  Bulldog Would it take you by surprise to be pleasured by a professional? Get rent from a city’s sewer grate sighs and indifferent blue lights and sent, swelling at the seams, into an alley lined with glass cages – moving museum pieces ready to receive you, pass through sliding doors. Enter the model home […]


      Ross Whyte is a Scottish-based composer. He recently completed a practice-based PhD at the University of Aberdeen where his research was concerned with impermanence in audio-visual intermedia and headphone-specific composition. His compositional output in recent years has often included collaborations with artists from disciplines different from his own, including dance, theatre, sculpture […]