Ross Whyte is a Scottish-based composer. He recently completed a practice-based PhD at the University of Aberdeen where his research was concerned with impermanence in audio-visual intermedia and headphone-specific composition.

His compositional output in recent years has often included collaborations with artists from disciplines different from his own, including dance, theatre, sculpture and web design. He has a particular passion for working alongside dancers and dance choreographers and has collaborated with various key practitioners, including Claire Pençak, Jack Webb, Thania Acarón, Mhairi Allan, Matthew Hawkins and Rob Heaslip.

Ross recently curated a series of live events at Woodend Barn, Banchory which showcased live ambient electronic music as well as new works for dance, poetry and theatre. He performs regularly throughout Scotland and has gained several positive reviews from the national press, including The List and The Scotsman.

His debut album, Kaidan, will be released by Comprende Records on 31 October 2015.

Examples of his work can be found here:

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