The Passage of Time, Cigarette Woman, and The Lion’s Mane

Hazel Gore_The Passage of Time_coloured pencils on paper_78cm x 60cm

The Passage of Time, coloured pencils on paper, 78cm x 60cm


HazelGore_Cigarette Woman

Cigarette Woman, coloured pencils on paper, 52cm x 42.5cm


HazelGore_The Lion's Mane_pastel pencils on paper_59.5cm x 47cm

The Lion’s Mane, pastel pencils on paper, 59.5cm x 47cm


Hazel Gore is a Glasgow based artist who graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2010. She started studying at the art school when she was just 17 years old. Hazel specialises in producing drawings and paintings to create small, intricate, dream- like images which usually illustrate her fictional characters and stories. She also directs and produces short, surreal films which have been screened in venues in cities from all over the world, including Venice, San Francisco, Sydney and London.

Since graduating Hazel has also exhibited in various different events and art galleries such as RSA New Contemporaries – Royal Scottish Academy, Six Foot Gallery, Somewhereto, Virginia Gallery and Veneer Gallery. She has also had her work promoted and published in many art magazines such as “Tribe”, “Pinso”, “Yuck ‘n Yum”, “Product” and “The Grind.”


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