Would it take you by surprise to be pleasured by a professional?
Get rent from a city’s sewer grate sighs and indifferent blue lights
and sent, swelling at the seams, into an alley lined with glass cages –
moving museum pieces ready to receive you, pass through sliding doors.

Enter the model home of a plush young mother
with dimming eyes and neon smile;
(to corner her and her tight little outfit?)
to be cornered by her electric presence,
branded by her iron mouth,
her pink nudity, cold maternity,
forced flattery, draining batteries,

…you like that, honey?

Be bathed in a cocktail glass with cherries and ice,
be laid down in your clothes, yoke stroked, shirttails rolled,
be laid under the red nixie tubes and worked on by quick hands,
get laid under a big green bulldog who grins and laps his tongue.


Finn G. Cargill is a writer and poet from Suffolk, England. He has been featured in such publications as Northern Renewal: Green Surge and Love Thy Pigeon. He intends to publish his first collection of poetry within the next few months titled ‘Black Dog Waltz’. He currently works in Glasgow as a freelance writer and semi-professional deadbeat.


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