Month: August 2015


        Stephen Taylor, aka Stevegotvibes is an iphone image maker/unmaker. With a background in printing newspaper, booking tours, cooking foods and taking photographs, most of what there is to say about him is yet to happen. Follow his non-works of art using

Like Bruises Blossom

Like Bruises Blossom I am touching liquid the skin of your shoulder as if pressure could shatter diamonds that glitter under bubble breath at night but habits form in the crevices between teeth that glitter with silver spit like chewed jewels or in the driveway of next year or next to nothing like bruises blossom […]


Bluebells So this is where it began. I realise that now. It all started with the gathering of bluebells. ‘Gathering bluebells in the merry month of May,’ you’d sing. Sometimes, you’d sing June. I don’t think you knew which month it was, in more ways than one. You took me to collect bluebells. That was […]

Bars in Glasgow

Bars in Glasgow That one he’s a saxophonist and he carries it in his chest What? The story of when he was married and found a man in his bed Oh no. So he challenged the man to a duel swords and everything Oh fuck. And when they stood there the wife couldn’t choose but […]

Thicket, Baleful, Death’s Head, Gnarl

Thicket. Watercolour, ink and collage.   Baleful. Watercolour and ink.   Death’s Head. Watercolour and ink.   Gnarl. Watercolour and ink.       Calum MacGillivray is a Greenock based artist and recent graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design. Exploring narrative, mythology and the mysteries of the natural world, his work combines traditional […]

And so it begins, Cheater, Exit Lines

 And so it begins Perhaps is an attitude, a stance         that affects my ankle bones, makes them wobble, decide to chance         a walk in my big-girl boots. Delay is an escape valve, always,         from the danger of decision. I’ll dig a hole to […]