Like Bruises Blossom

Like Bruises Blossom

I am touching liquid the skin of your shoulder
as if pressure could shatter diamonds
that glitter under bubble breath at night

but habits form in the crevices between teeth
that glitter with silver spit like chewed jewels
or in the driveway of next year
or next to nothing
like bruises blossom

there was a phase where I only considered
parts unshadowed by your blushing sun
there was a moment where we hit limbs
and pretended easy to be something quiet

there was a piece I buried in deep earth
to resurrect milky dreams of sheer luck
there was a segment of my fickle self
lodged between your furthest back molars

when crescent moon glides glacier
into deepest curtain of velvet sky
I think of elder you, turning grey
in comparison to glowing now
as you glimmer in intelligent fingers
and gasp truth into my pulse

like a moth in pretend as mirage
I rest pale flesh against your edges
and inhale soft, to remember
your gold embers as they burn


Kitty Sage is  a part-time student interested in nearly all forms of artistic expression. Follow her on twitter ( @strwbryskin ) or email her at

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