Month: October 2015

La Marie des marées

  La Marie des marées garde un oeil de plâtre son trailer. Une goutte de bleu sur l’île.       For the next few weeks Hot Tub Astronaut will be publishing photographs from Stéphanie Hornstein’s ongoing series The Joys of Anticipation. This project pairs analogue photography with the written word in an effort to […]


Eva. longtemps j’attendis, longtemps je la chercha, je parcouru les rangs figés. jusqu’à ce que mes mains se crispent, mes lèvres se gercent et mon foulard fût égaré. et quand finalement la belle se mit debout, elle peinait à se tenir, sans l’aide d’une petite gerbe de pierre, si lourde d’un parfum de cierge en […]

The Tay

The Tay Standing by the river, where my father stood, Waiting for something other than the tide. He walked these banks With a stone in his mouth And pebbles for eyes. The bed the pit, the tide the pendulum. Flash flood or trickle slow Run smooth by the waters flow. Or Torrent. I feel uncomfortable. […]


THE MUSEUM OF DROWNING It’s difficult keeping your head above water, harder to not use cliché. I surface occasionally from paperwork and marking at the end of another year. Orange rooms above purple and blue water; a pineapple island with boats on the lake: the first time for several centuries. Two inches of water are […]

–Sun pokes over try waking–

—Sun pokes over try waking—   What’s left drifting with sleep looking way in where quiet dreams surround keeping nightmares in outer dark. Out of head unwilling to surrender into despair drag mind up out of places where soul pain ferments bad dreams. Leaving shoes behind stuck morass fear and loathing seasoned in fever shrouded […]