Scan 187


longtemps j’attendis, longtemps je la chercha,
je parcouru les rangs figés.

jusqu’à ce que mes mains se crispent,
mes lèvres se gercent
et mon foulard fût égaré.

et quand finalement la belle se mit debout,
elle peinait à se tenir,

sans l’aide d’une petite gerbe de pierre,
si lourde d’un parfum de cierge en cire.

For the next few weeks Hot Tub Astronaut will be publishing photographs from Stéphanie Hornstein’s ongoing series The Joys of Anticipation. This project pairs analogue photography with the written word in an effort to get to the heart of a moment—the very moment that the shutter snapped.

A native Montréaler, Stéphanie is currently pursuing a master’s in Art History at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests centre around the place of women in Victorian photography and the intersection of gender with fibres art practice.

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