Month: November 2015

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  It is very easy to procrastinate. I often look information up on a website such as Wikipedia only to discover something else interesting further down the page. I therefore click on this and read it instead. This process repeats and I gradually get further and further away from where I started. Open link, new […]

Chuffed, Laziness, Stress

    Luke Thomas Edwards is a Birmingham born, Edinburgh based artist. He graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014. Practicing within the area of digital media and ‘post-internet’, Edwards produces digital prints and drawings that incorporate Illustration, Photoshop, Gradients, Photographs and Reappropriated imagery. His work is a reflection of a world that’s mediated […]

Underground Womb

Underground Womb When I am done here Hinder not the earth’s digestion Of me with oak, or cedar, or pine. Let me go as I came and Weigh me not down With a pillar of granite But bid me descend to the womb of the planet. Don’t waste me And grind me To infertile powder, […]


   FEED In the grainy recesses of my mind, I can feel that yellow warmth: The heat of a winter radiator, jammed too high, making more than just the windows perspire, who’s thirsty? want water? I’ll get it. The mechanic hum rattling the glass, nuking that impossibly orange cheese, on inexplicably present burgers, from whence? […]

Sky Object

Warehouse Concrete Tower Bridge Zigzag       Rachel Nolan is a Glasgow based photographer and filmmaker. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012 with a degree in Fine Art, Sculpture, and just recently finished another course in Digital Film Making at SAE Institute Glasgow. Her passion for travel has taken her all […]

You aren’t here

You aren’t here The weather droozes. The mice and bats are interchangable: I touch them sadly as if I were touching only my own most distant extremities. 15:00 commits suicide. The dusky rising memory of tangerines terrorises me. I am poetry when you go.       Hugh Smith lives in Slovakia. More at