Awareness Recursion (Part One) and Yes this is Centre Justified Deconstruction, Deal With It

Awareness Recursion (Part One)

This place is Ent
Is slow and distant host
Is not much sense to me
But then
I am very small
I find it easy
To be overwhelmed
As this mere city flexes its muscles

Pick any street
There’s a door a staircase a door a door
Windows onto portals
Onto doors a dark
Dark staircase a door a door
And behind them all
Some skeletons live
Coated in flesh
For now

Someone has counted these doors
Someone labelled them
And bird’s eyes must see
Lungs from above
Bronchial streets
Cul de sacs fractal
They never stop
A door
This frequency is alarming
All roads
Lead to dwelling
And being
Creating bypasses through time
That are nonsense
We are just dadaist fission
Our greatest innovation
The facade of structure
The scale of this invention!
Behind each door a reason to leave, be it
Lying in gutters for thigh
Snaps and brown
Envelopes all the ideas
That comprise a Lollipop Lady
Who Files the Temporary Filing Clerks?
I was paid money to watch Police Academy
        What the fuck has happened?

Sometimes when I walk past a door it is not a door
Sometimes it’s a shield

Don’t even get me started on the multiverse




Yes this is Centre Justified Deconstruction, Deal With It

The River
How do you feel
Being used as a metaphor
In poems?
~ Since when did poets
ask? ~
~ Look
it’s not up
to me ~
~I do not feel
or think ~
~ I make
no choices ~
~ I will flow
until I have nothing
to flow with ~
~ I do not drown,
give life
or wash away ~
~These are things
that people do ~
~ I do not ask you
to speak for me ~
~ My depths are my own ~
~ The road to nowhere is
paved with good intentions ~
~ Poet, you are obviously a hypocrite ~




Andrew Blair is a writer/performer based in Edinburgh, with credits in Gutter, Valve and Auld Enemies. People associate him with deconstruction, but really he’s just a wide bastard. Andrew is the ex-Godfather of Edinburgh poetry.

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