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It is very easy to procrastinate. I often look information up on a website such as Wikipedia only to discover something else interesting further down the page. I therefore click on this and read it instead. This process repeats and I gradually get further and further away from where I started. Open link, new tab is based on this concept where, after delving deeper into a subject, a new window is suddenly opened. This is similarly followed by another window, with each new subject/material unfolding in a different way. The piece finishes far from the initial material, though the other tabs still linger in the background.

December 2014, Live Recording by Red Note Ensemble.



Aran Browning is an English composer from the Lake District. He is currently studying in his fourth year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland under the tutelage of Rory Boyle. Since coming to Glasgow he has worked with a variety of performers and artists including Mieko Kanno, the ECME and through Leeds Lieder, poet Ian Harker. In 2015 he has completed a solo bassoon piece where the performer takes on the role of an artificial intelligence, created sound in collaboration with performers and director Jack Lynch, and composed a mixed ensemble work based on internet procrastination premiered by the Red Note Ensemble. Performed in May as part of Plug, his work ‘Gameshow Format’ was a collaboration with Drake Music Scotland, incorporating different technology to create an inventive and imaginative piece alongside wind trio. Recently he has worked with Toronto-based visual artist Tong Lam on ‘Weight of History’, which looks at how construction anticipates a hopeful future although grounded on historical violence and destruction.

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