Five Drawings


Celestial Planes, 48x 55 cm, Graphite on Paper, 2013

Calcite Study III

Calcite III: 23 x 25 cm, Graphite on Paper, 2015
Haematite Study I
Hematite I, 17 x 20 cm, Graphite on Paper, 2015
Inter Alia II.jpg
Inter Alia II, 54 x 69 cm, Graphite on Paper, 2014
Jennifer Argo - Orogeny
Orogeny I, 47.5 x 54 cm, Graphite on Paper, 2015


Jennifer Argo is a visual artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. She comes from the North East of Scotland and studied Photographic Electronic Media at Gray’s School of Art, graduating in 2010.

She is now based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, and employs a multi-disciplinary practice comprised of sculpture, illustration, photography and installation. She works closely with architects, designers, graphic artists and hosts workshops regularly around Glasgow. Her sculptural and illustrative work explores an amalgamation of different kinds of complex adaptive systems in nature, using the patterns that exist in the physical universe as a metaphor for metaphysical relationships, and community as a connected whole.

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