Fall in the Garden and Historic Scotland membership

Fall in the Garden

By my own volition I run to you
when you cry out,
not cultivated shouting for attention,
but shamed
to be interrupting.

A sufficient distance to having me
imagine life without you.
The plant aggrieved and appearing
to have received your head,
a degrading fall into a ceramic pot:
the blinkers that this disease
puts on your feet, but
my heart buoyant
that you are bleeding
and alive.



Historic Scotland membership

We have drawn over their trust
a drifting curtain of ash:
their enthusiasm for the day
increasingly obscured by

our betrayal: I watch our daughters

history’s horrors, the bloodshed of
the past flickering against their pink cheeks,

our soft-lipped daughters: the tableaus
of burning heretics felt
in their beating chests as prophets.

Interpretive texts in each room are
giant billboards of cruelty,

for our daughters:
we bought this membership.



Penny Reid is currently the ‘Emerging Poet’ for Appletree Writers and has a collection coming out in the spring of 2016, published by Appletree Press.

She is published in an anthology called ‘Speak Out’ 2014 and RAUM #2, a poetry magazine (Nov 2015).

She performed, invited, at the launch of Roy Moller’s new poetry collection in 2015 and also at RAUM launch 2015, and at two Edinburgh Fringe Festival events called ‘Spoken Word Sundays’ 2014.

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