Month: January 2016

The Transience of Wealth

The Transience of Wealth The moon is a little coin in the sky. I look up at her, and sigh, And wish that my pocket contained such a coin, Or that such a coin lay upon my chest, Tied about me like a necklace, Or that such a coin was tucked into my hand. The […]

The Detached Voyeur

The Detached Voyeur In the dark your face is lunar, whitened: it is a deep lake that I probe with my eyes. The moonlight steps across your cheeks leaving cool footprints over your jaw, and peeks into the gaps beneath your eyelashes to scrutinize your skin, so paled by night, yet brightened. Shadows conduct orgies […]


    The concept for this piece is based on Artificial Intelligence and the potential for increasingly intelligent machines to form their own ideas and move away from what is intended of them; their actions and intentions unknown. The performer takes on the role of an A.I. who is supposed to follow an intended musical […]

Patrick’s First E and Cold Stare Thoroughfare

Patrick’s First E Saturday: Clubbing with the blank boys and girls, Patrick is crowned by questions: Why am I dancing the same way as everyone else? Why are we all facing the same direction? And where is Passion? But Passion left hours ago. No-one noticed; everyone‘s face looks the same. Passion needed some air from […]

Sky Object 2

77 Metal Arrow Riverside Hotel Spaceship Transport Turkey Antenna     Rachel Nolan is a Glasgow based photographer and filmmaker. She graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012 with a degree in Fine Art, Sculpture, and just recently finished another course in Digital Film Making at SAE Institute Glasgow. Her passion for travel has […]