The concept for this piece is based on Artificial Intelligence and the potential for increasingly intelligent machines to form their own ideas and move away from what is intended of them; their actions and intentions unknown. The performer takes on the role of an A.I. who is supposed to follow an intended musical pathway. As an A.I., the performer may decide to stray from this path and follow alternate lines, which begin ash references to sic-fi media (including A.I./robots) as the machine bases its future decisions on a database of past actions. Obvious quotes progress to non-referential music as the A.I. becomes more intelligent, straying further into other directions. The original pathway becomes more agitated with time as an underlying conflict arises through an ominous atmosphere of uncertainty and anxiety amidst the machine’s exploration.

February 2015, Live Recording by Ronan Whittern.




Aran Browning is an English composer from the Lake District. He is currently studying in his fourth year at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland under the tutelage of Rory Boyle. Since coming to Glasgow he has worked with a variety of performers and artists including Mieko Kanno, the ECME and through Leeds Lieder, poet Ian Harker. In 2015 he has completed a solo bassoon piece where the performer takes on the role of an artificial intelligence, created sound in collaboration with performers and director Jack Lynch, and composed a mixed ensemble work based on internet procrastination premiered by the Red Note Ensemble. Performed in May as part of Plug, his work ‘Gameshow Format’ was a collaboration with Drake Music Scotland, incorporating different technology to create an inventive and imaginative piece alongside wind trio. Recently he has worked with Toronto-based visual artist Tong Lam on ‘Weight of History’, which looks at how construction anticipates a hopeful future although grounded on historical violence and destruction.

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