Month: March 2016

Fundamental Problem of Translation in 2006 and The Community Garden Beneath the Powerlines Speaks

Fundamental Problem of Translation in 2006 Cars still knuckle-drag the road. My bike slips sideways. The heron doesn’t blink its yellow eye, shiver. The prepared piano rain plinks across the field between us. It’s probably hunting gophers. Long grey feathers lift out from neck and breast, kids’ arms so weary with effort                   they rise without […]

Suicidium 801

Suicidium 801 Suicide, from sui caedere among philologists. Eddy Daemon waxes Rodin’s The Thinker, thin now on unctuous platitudes. Whip a stiff hanging or saunter to the country for a pesticide poisoning pastoral. There’s some organochlorine, straight up. Lest we forget the proverbial firearm. Self-immolation tagged as a confession grope. Eddys tags a selfie. When […]