Month: April 2016

Three drawings by Jennifer Argo

          I am a visual artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. I come from the North East of Scotland and studied Photographic Electronic Media at Gray’s School of Art, graduating in 2010. I am now based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, and employ a multi-disciplinary practice comprised of sculpture, illustration, […]

The Cracking Up of Accepted Sculptural Order

    Ellie Barrett is primarily a sculptor, occasionally underpinning this with video and digital work. Her studio practice investigates the unsettling marriage between material and subject, rooting her work in the sculptural frameworks of mass, weight and space. Adopting a comic stance, she observes existing yet evasive qualities in crude objects by reproducing them […]

Illustration work by Andrea Popyordanova

      Andrea Popyordanova – Drawing is my way of recording the world around me, but also making sense of it. I record with pencils, collage, which I sometimes develop into printmaking processes. My primary interest is illustration, and litterature is a big, but not the only, inspiration. I like to create images that […]