Three drawings by Jennifer Argo


Jokulsarlon Big Cartel




Aperon sml



Origins of Synergy IV

Origin of Synergy


I am a visual artist currently living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. I come from the North East of Scotland and studied Photographic Electronic Media at Gray’s School of Art, graduating in 2010.

I am now based at Glasgow Sculpture Studios, and employ a multi-disciplinary practice comprised of sculpture, illustration, photography and installation. I work collaboratively with architects and designers, graphic artists + have hosted many workshops around Glasgow and the North East.

My work has been featured in Grafik, Archdaily, A10 Magazine, and The Grind. I have just been awarded a travel award for a period of research and travel in New Zealand by the JD Fergusson Arts Award Trust, and recently, a commendation from the GIA (Glasgow Institute of Architects), alongside architect Baxendale (Lee Ivett), for a sanctuary space in a Stalled Spaces site run by arts organization Wave Particle, in Glasgow. I took part in Pick Me Up Selects 2015 at Somerset House in London, showcasing a series of illustrative work as part of the annual graphic design and illustration festival. I also led a team of students, architects, artists and creatives last summer, along with architect Baxendale, in the design and build of a sanctuary space as part of Hello Wood’s 2015 Project Village in Hungary.

My sculptural and illustrative work explores an amalgamation of various complex adaptive systems in nature, using the patterns that exist in the physical universe as a metaphor for and community.

I create meticulous hyper-detailed illustrative works, slowing down the drawing process to create emphasis on a consideration of time that extends beyond the here-and-now purview of our current economic and sociopolitical climate. These works explore themes of chaos and order, space and time, at both micro and marco scales in the natural world, and their parallels to anthropological relations that exist within sociological, environmental and political dynamics. My work explores, questions and addresses our social and environmental responsibility.


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