Departure from Carl

Departure From Carl


Ellie Barrett is primarily a sculptor, occasionally underpinning this with video and digital work. Her studio practice investigates the unsettling marriage between material and subject, rooting her work in the sculptural frameworks of mass, weight and space.

Adopting a comic stance, she observes existing yet evasive qualities in crude objects by reproducing them as artworks. Lowly substances – plaster/concrete/rubber – are translated into lowly foods, items and objects. These shapes are observed and appropriated into suggestive works and unexpected shapes into objects which are now readable by the viewer. This line of enquiry is embodied in sculptures which are lurid and sickly as much as they are beautiful and oddly kitsch. Ellie wants her viewer to force their own interpretations onto the work, whilst never quite offering up a sensation of clarity.

Ellie is a current director of The Royal Standard, Liverpool and a Lecturer in Sculpture at Lancaster University. Since receiving her Masters from the Glasgow School of Art in 2012, she has been living and working in Liverpool. Recent exhibitions include HOT / FRESH / SLICE, (solo exhibition, AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-On-Trent) Pivot (Project Cafe, Glasgow), Isla Nublar (Constellations, Liverpool) and Treat Yo Self (Bloc Projects, Sheffield).

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