Month: October 2016

Three poems by David Marshall

Feral I wanted to get lost, drunk on sap. Assume an identity of leaves and drink the run-off. Friends warned they’d find me but I hid, lived off soil and worm, doffed mascara, grew twigs for sinew. Soon seeds I’d rooted sprouted under floors. Rooms smelt pine-soft. I rained long on suburbia. In winter, scribbled […]

2 poems by Marine Houtmann

“Dionysos” smell of sap & juice in the vineyard where the grape is roaming like a myriad of marbles theatre for the visionaries & the mavericks beguiled beguiled by the syncopation of the flute & the drums come & eat the glistening swollen button come & kneel by the blade of fermentation all the creatures […]