Month: January 2017

Only Cable Car in Ireland

Only Cable Car in Ireland Harry had come to Ireland. Iris had loved him, married him and left him. It was all over a misunderstanding, but like most misunderstandings it led to greater revelations and an irresolvable rupture, leaving a gaping hole torn into the fabric of being where happiness had once lived. Ireland was […]

Internet poem

They seek exits from their flesh: and the internet is compressed text each hyperlink blue-slurpee sweet, that fact a hook-duck, this poll tipped by bowling at the coconut shie. Win information! Roll home with a rumour! By hitting the button, bright lights, rubber hammer. ‘Make me the next like Robocop’ one whispers to the sugar […]

Jam today and Have half sleep

Jam today Red light giant cyclops watches unblinking over Still snake skin of steel Which winds up and down so far in the distance Before your eye gives up And returns to your half read book, Too tired to comprehend the little dancing shapes, Been here too long, What started as grey counterfeit light has […]