Jam today and Have half sleep

Jam today

Red light giant cyclops watches unblinking over
Still snake skin of steel
Which winds up and down so far in the distance
Before your eye gives up
And returns to your half read book,
Too tired to comprehend the little dancing shapes,
Been here too long,
What started as grey counterfeit light has
Transformed into winter’s black
Submerged lagoon,
Small flash of yellow wink, turns into emerald smile,
Move once, move twice,
Feel sensation of rush, of deliverance,
Then yellow smile, Red stare,
Shudder to halt, the old alcohol men complain,
The tin-pot warm, the damp smells,
Eyes flutter up and down and chins bury into compliant shoulders
Tries once more in face of jade jaw taunt
To push past metal hoard and break,
Into open stream
We hold our breath
We count it down
And release ourselves into the sweeping road




Have half sleep

In one of the moments that comes before sleep
when dream and wake gently try and pull you aside
And laugh and dreams laughing plant unsteady memories,
When the picture on the internal screen become warmly fuzzy
Light a black and white picture in front of a friendly fire
You wish to give it all
To the embrace
Started the moment your washed back to childhood head
Trusted tousled pillows and body craved cushioned covers
Then smooth vibration
At first
Tap taps against table top wood
Then shrill screech of tinny tortured tone
Takes over from mesmeric hum
Mingles in shallow dream, tangles amongst picture
Like black tentacles of ivy
Silently strangling sepia scene until
Gasps and shaking
You reach through your half-remembered world
and grab the silence





Darren Sempie lives and works in Glasgow.  He studied English at the University of Stirling.  He has performed stand up comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe and had poetry published in various publications and websites.

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