Month: March 2017

HEIRLOOM and 1984

HEIRLOOM As her belly swelled, she heard an opera the waves crashed against the rocks in fury, the aria of war. Perhaps, the geometry of her life unraveled: love, pain, shame, the chronicle of blood lines, her clan lived in the same house for six generations. One son moved from the North Sea to the […]

Blank Fear

My heart is like a green moon overgrown with forest Your heart is like a blue sun, cool yet honest   I want to make you a meal and for it to coincidentally be your favourite food and it seem so perfect completely accidentally and I want you to trace the outline of my body […]

Simone the Cyborg

The room looked the same as all the other interview rooms. The interviewers too were similar to all the others. They had the same suits, same way of sitting, same bored expressions and now the one on the right, and it was always the one of the right, was about to ask the usual question. […]