Blank Fear

My heart is like a green moon overgrown with forest

Your heart is like a blue sun, cool yet honest


I want to make you a meal and for it to coincidentally be your favourite food and it seem so perfect completely accidentally and

I want you to trace the outline of my body like you might follow a path in a foreign city without google maps guiding you and

I want blankness without the human meddling that always follows


I’m living a year ahead of myself……………………………. and

Instead of sleep I search the internet for answers I already have.

Asking again so rhythmically eases something hollow in me.

What I need is to be held in the uncertain place by something certain. Like death. Or pain. Or human life. Or trees. Are trees still certain? Or water.

I can’t ask this of you. Of course I want to. But two uncertain people in an uncertain time and place makes for a very muddy stew.

Do we dream?

What would you do?





Clare Marcie is a New Zealand actor, writer and theatre maker based in the UK. You can next catch her performing a work in progress of her solo show What Would Kanye Do? at Hidden Door Festival on the 1st 2nd and 3rd of June. Her website is

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