All in all, we want to find projects that speaks true to experiences. We are looking for work that makes you think, “yeah! that’s what it is all about!”. We want to discover work that makes us feel things.

We accept submissions throughout the year. Submissions should be sent in a word doc or in the body of your email. Please include a short biography (in third person) and details of your blog or previous publications. If your work is chosen, this will be the bio that accompanies it.

Send your submissions to

Send up to 3 poems.

Send one piece of short fiction no more than 1500 words.

Book/Exhibition Reviews 
We will occasionally publish book/exhibition reviews so do send those along as well.

Visual Art 
We are also looking for drawings and photography. If submitting a drawing, please make sure the scan is good quality. Also, we love comics.

We are open to experimental sound pieces. Soundcloud files preferred.

If your work does not fall into one of these categories, do not fret! Send it anyway and we will have a look to see if its a good fit for HTA.We look forward to knowing what you do.


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